I just watched a cool video about an internet millionaire who is looking for students!

This is totally legit. I’m serious. Check it out here
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Why would he do something like this? He says it’s his mission and goal to:

1st – help 100,000 people to make their first $100 online
2nd – help 10,000 people to FINALLY fire their boss
3rd – help 1,000 people make 6 figures a year
4th – help 100 people become online millionaires

This is awesome! People are making money with this left and right (I know, I’ve actually chatted with a bunch of them on Facebook)

He wants to coach you this month, and get you to the $100 level… on his dime!

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P.S. – check out the airplane at about minute 1 in this video – it has his name on it!?
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